multiple JSON objects in fromJSON

I'm trying to use fromJSON() to read in a .json file with multiple objects structured as follows:

{ "key11": value11, "key12": value12 }
{ "key11": value11, "key12": value12 }

If I manually add [...] brackets around the entire file, and , commas between the objects, then the following code works:

json_file <- "file.json"
json_data <- fromJSON(json_file,flatten=TRUE)

But adding the brackets and commas is not feasible for what I'm actually trying to do (I did it on a sample file).

I tried using readLines() since the objects have newlines between them, but I didn't get anywhere.

How can I read in these json objects without modifying the file?

Answer #1:

Assuming you know it's one per line, and no weird line breaks,

 lapply(readLines(filename), fromJSON, flatten = TRUE)
Answered By: Plastic Soul

Answer #2:

if you read references: the option unexpected.escape is available.

unexpected.escape changed handling of unexpected escaped characters. Handling value should be one of "error", "skip", or "keep"; on unexpected characters issue an error, skip the character, or keep the character

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