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Does there exist any way to change the MySQL Workbench charset? My schema uses UTF-8 and when I view the table data (saved as UTF-8) or add data manually, it appears with charset errors, probably MySQL Workbench uses LATIN1.

Asked By: Math

Answer #1:

I think OP was asking about charset that Workbench uses in its editor and how to setup Workbench to use UTF-8 in GUI - not how to setup default charset used for database table in Workbench. At the moment in Workbench one can set database table charset but regardless of it Workbench will in it's GUI represent data using Latin1 charset!!! Also inserting data into UTF-8 tables through Workbench will result with wrong chars in database. I don't know either how to make Workbench deal with UTF-8 in its GUI.

Answered By: sbrbot

Answer #2:

In "Model Overview", under "Physical Schemata", right-click the database and select "Edit Schema...". Define the character set to the "Collation"-field. (MySQL Workbench 5.2.35)

Answered By: John Mayor

Answer #3:

For further reading, another fix would be to change the display font. Go to Edit -> Preferences -> Appearance. Change the Editor font. It could be that the default font does not display utf-8 correctly, but others do.

Oh, and if you are having trouble changing your font you can try here

Answered By: demongolem

Answer #4:

You have to set every fields utf8 or Table default at the alter table.

Answered By: hasyee

Answer #5:

I solved changing grid font as below.

Edit > Preferences > Fonts > Results Grid > Arial

Answered By: mehmet riza oz
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