How to convert a png file to xml resource by Android? [closed]

I want to convert my png file to xml resource that can be accepteed by android. I converted it by using the website below.

Then I downloaded it then put it in resource directory and changed type to xml, but android didn't accept it of course.

Answer #1:

You can import a svg asset and convert it into a vector.

Click on new vector asset and you will have two options , psd and svg. Import your svg file and it will be stored as a xml file.

Answered By: Dishonered

Answer #2:

In current Android Studio version (3.6 rc1), you can import png image directly. File-> New-> Image Asset.

In the Asset Type, select Image, provide path to your image file and click on Next and Finish buttons.

Android Studio would do the conversion for you.

Answered By: Naresh
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